MaryEllen Cowell

Welcome to First Grade

Mrs. Cowell's 1st Grade Class!

Photo of Mrs. Cowell

Hi there! I am so excited about our school year together! We will have such a wonderful year of learning together and you will grow in so many ways in first grade!  It will be a fun and engaging year! Our classroom number is 206.  I will meet you on Tuesday August 20th. I will open the classroom at 8:30 so come on in to our classroom, introduce yourself and your parents. Find your desk and take a look around. Let your parents take a couple of pictures of you because they are so very proud of you and then get ready for a fantastic first day of school!

       Don't forget that it's a longer day in first grade so make sure to pack a lunch or have money on your lunch card, snack, water bottle, backpack, and a good night's rest! Do not worry about supplies I will have everything you need ready for you for the first day of school. However, we will need replenishments throughout the year and do have a wish list for things that we will need for our school year together. If you'd like to donate something to our classroom, please see the page labeled Classroom Wish List. It will be greatly appreciated if you are able to donate one or two items off the list.

Dismissal will be at 3:10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2:10 on Wednesday in front of the school near the rolling gates on the right. Older siblings can meet outside the gate and pick up their sibling from the line. We will form a line at the gate, just like your parents and you will be dismissed there.

      See you on Tuesday scholars!  I look forward to our awesome adventure together in first grade!