Tamara Miller

Tamara Miller
Physical Education Teacher

Our Physical Education program at San Elijo Elementary is a standards based program that focuses on participation in frequent moderate-vigorous physical activities (MVPA).  The focus in our program is to create students who are physically literate. A physically literate student is one who is confident, motivated and knowledgeable and will able to successfully integrate physical activities into their lifestyle through out their lifetime. In our program, your child will be asked to demonstrate knowledge of their learning, use critical thinking skills to solve problems, and learn social skills and self-responsibility relating to physical education and movement. The curriculum will focus on motor, cognitive and behavioral skills based learning with fun modified games and activities.  

PE Days:

Please see the PE schedule to learn which days your child has physical education class. First and second grade students will have PE two days a week and alternate every other Wednesday for 40 minutes. Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students will have PE two days a week for 50 minutes. It is important that students are prepared to participate safely and comfortably in a variety of physical activities on all PE days. 


  • Proper shoes: Please send your child to school with proper shoes on their PE days. For example, closed toe shoes, that tie, such as tennis or running shoes. Boots, heeled shoes, and sandals are not safe or effective shoes for physical activity. 


  • Comfortable clothes: Please dress your child in clothes that they can move freely in and are comfortable for participating in physical activity.  This includes, shorts under skirts or dresses. Your child will be participating in a wide range of physical activities and exercises and it is important that they feel comfortable to participate in all class activities. 


  • Water bottles: Students are more than welcome to bring water bottles to our Physical Education class. When students bring a water bottle, they are able to take a quick water break during our active time. Students who do not bring a water bottle to class will be allowed to visit the drinking fountain at an appropriate time during class. Please write your child's name on their water bottle, as many students bring water bottles to PE. 


  • Parent and Doctor's Notes: If your child has a medical reason that they are not able to participate in Physical Activity, please send a parent or doctor signed note with them to PE. If your child will be out longer than a week, a doctors note will be required. When a student is unable to participate in physical activity, they will either be a teacher's aide or working in a nutrition workbook for that class period. This will be based on student ability. 

Physical Education Awards:

  • Athlete of the Month- One boy and one girl from each grade level will be chosen for athlete of the month to be announced at flag salute. The students who win this award are always participating with high effort and showing good sportsmanship. Sometimes it is a student who has shown significant growth in physical education class in effort, behavior or participation. Athlete of the months receive a certificate and a SEES water bottle. 
  • Class of the Month- Each month at flag salute, we will announce the PE class of the Month. The winning class gets to take the Golden Cone and keep it as a trophy in their classroom for the whole month. The winning class is also awarded a "free choice" PE day. 



  • Warning
  • Quick time out- Student may be asked to sit out for a minute or walk around the activity area and take a timeout from the class activity to reset their behavior. 
  • Behavior log- Student will take a time out and fill out a behavior log. They will think about and explain their behavior on paper, take the log home to be signed by parents and return to Mrs. Miller the following class period. 

I will communicate behavior issues with classroom teachers whenever necessary and with parents accordingly. If you have any questions about your child's behavior, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. 

Fitnessgram Info:

The Fitnessgram test is a series of physical fitness tests that are given to students in grade 5, 7, and 9. The purpose of the tests are to provide information about a student's level of physical fitness. All 5th grade students will be practicing and participating in the actual fitnessgram test this year. Students in grade 1-4 will be practicing and becoming familiar with some of the fitnessgram tests throughout the year as well.  Please visit this site to learn more about the Fitnessgram test.  

Fitnessgram website

These are the specific tests that your 5th grader will practice and perform this year:

  • Mile Run
  • 20 meter Pacer test
  • Push-ups
  • Curl-ups
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Trunk Lift
  • Body Composition

SEES Track Team:

3-5 graders have the opportunity to try out for the SEES Track Team. The Track meet is a one day event in May or June where our school will compete against five other schools from our district. Tryouts will be held sometime after winter break during PE. It is not mandatory to tryout. One female and one male student in each grade will be picked for each of the six events along with one male and female alternate for each grade level. The meet is held on the track at San Marcos High School. 

Track events:

  • 50m 
  • 100m
  • 400m
  • 4x100m Relay
  • Softball throw
  • Long jump

Weather Conditions:

We monitor and modify activities based on the weather accordingly. On hot days, when the temperature reaches 85 degrees, we will provide adequate water breaks and limit physical activity. We may also participate in water games on hot days with limited movement. When the temperature reaches 90 degrees, we will move our learning environment to an indoor location. 

On rainy days, we will move our activities to an indoor space.  We ask that on rainy days, students still come prepared to participate in physical education. We will still be active in our indoor space in activities such as dancing, exercise games etc...




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