STAR Binder


S.T.A.R stands for Students That Are Responsible. This year, students in Room 652 will be using binders to help organize homework, classwork, and important papers. Here, you will find some important information regarding this organizational system.

What is a S.T.A.R?
A STAR is a special binder that you will carry to and from school everyday this year.
STAR is an acronym for Students That Are Responsible.
The STAR will help you stay organized and keep your parents in touch with our classroom.

STAR Rules
Take care of your STAR; it will be used ALL year!
Take your STAR home every day and bring it back each morning.
Keep your STAR clean! DO NOT eat or drink in front of your STAR.
Show your STAR to your parents everyday- they will be so proud of your new responsibility
DON'T make any marks or drawings in or on your STAR.
DON'T leave your STAR at home, in the car, KOC, a friend's house, etc...
DON'T let anyone borrow your STAR or tear pages out of your STAR.
DON'T put any papers in your STAR that do not belong.

What's in a STAR?
The STAR will be organized with the following items:

2" Binder (the binders that zip around tend to last longer)
Zipper Pouch-Please place pencils, erasers, and all necessary items in this area.
School Planner (this will be given to you at school)- Every student will receive a planner used to write down homework and important classroom events.
Math Spiral Notebook (this will be given to you at school)-This notebook will contain important math notes that will be useful for homework and studying for tests. Please always keep this notebook in your STAR binder.
Clear Plastic Sleeves-Used to hold multiplication charts, and other useful information that can help with homework/studying.
Homework Folder-Used to keep homework and tests to be signed and returned to class.
Math Folder-Used to keep all work related to Math.
Reading/Writing Folder- Used to keep all work related to Reading and Writing.
Science/Social Studies Folder- Used to keep all work related to Science or Social Studies.

Other items you may want to have:
3 hole punch paper for extra notes
Portable hole puncher
Extra clear sleeves