Optional Supplies

Optional Supplies

I am looking forward to working with your child in third grade!  Please bring a backpack and lunch each day or lunch money on student's cafeteria account. We encourage water bottles marked with your child's name. Please no juice or sweet drinks in their water bottles as insects can be a problem. 


Individual Supplies, Optional


  • personal set of earbuds or headphones with microphone* 
  • extra pencils 
  • Whiteboard markers and eraser (old sock will work)
  • Glue Stick(s)
  • Computer mouse (definitely not necessary but some kids like these rather than using the touch pad. Wired or bluetooth are fine.)

* try to get earbuds or headphones with a mic. We will be doing some fluency reading, screencasting and other projects that would sound better with a mic. 


Classroom Wish List

These are items that benefit the whole class. If you would be able to donate one or two items from this list, we would greatly appreciate it.