Classroom Supplies/Wish List

Classroom Supplies

Please send your student to school each day with a backpack, a lunchbox or lunch money, and a smiling face! :) Students should also bring a water bottle with their name on it and their own set of earbuds to keep at school for the Chromebooks. {Please do not send pencil boxes or individual supplies for desks}

All students are provided with everything they need to succeed in the classroom {pencils, paper, crayons, scissors, erasers, etc.} but many things are in constant need of replenishing throughout the year.
If you'd like to donate to our shared classroom supplies here are some easy suggestions!

- Amazon & Target Gift Cards
{Any denomination! Helps with printing pictures, STEAM supplies, lamination, special projects, classroom materials, and SO much more!}

- Amazon Wish List

- Target Wish List 
{search registries: Annie Kreger}

-Scholastic Orders/Wish List
{more information on the Scholastic Book Club page in the menu!}

Thank you so much!