Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures


Homework Policy

Please read nightly with your child!  You can also have your child log on to Lexia and Dreambox at home.  I will share their student ID's the first week of school. 


We love to celebrate birthdays in class.  If you would like to bring in something that your child will share with the class, please make sure it is not any type of food.  They can share small toys, pencils, erasers.  We currently have 24 students in our class.  Please make sure to include one for each child.  Thank you!

Birthday Invitations

If your child is having a birthday party, please do not pass out invitations at school.  It tends to hurt feelings if someone isn't invited.  Please choose to either mail invites or invite the whole class.  First graders can be sensitive and this will eliminate hurt feelings.  Thank you!

All About Me Poster

Every Friday, I will choose a student to take home their own, "All About Me" poster.  Please take the weekend to fill out the poster, add pictures and answer all the questions.  On Monday they will bring it back to school and share it with our class!  Each student will get a chance!

Tooth Bag

I have a bag that will be sent home with the students when they lose a tooth.  Please try and send it back within a couple of days....First Grade is a big year for the Tooth Fairy!