Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader 2018-2019

Accelerated Reader allows our students to earn points for the books they read by taking quizzes. These quizzes ask students questions about the story. The points are based on the level of difficulty of the book and how many questions are answered correctly. Quizzes can be taken on fiction and non-fiction books, textbooks, supplemental material, and educational magazines. Students can earn stickers, medals and other prizes for receiving A.R. points at our Flag Salutes.

There are three steps to using Accelerated Reader. First, teachers assign the assessment and students are given their reading level. Second, students choose and read a fiction or non-fiction book, textbook, or magazine. Third, students take a quiz. Teachers and parents have the ability to monitor students' progress. There is a link on our homepage shortcuts for parents to access student information.

  • Looking for books at a particular AR level. This link will provide you with books at a level based on your child's interest. Go to advance search type in book level and interest and the site provides title, author, and a brief description.

AR Book Finder