A.R. Prizes

Accelerated Reader 2019-2020

Our goal is for every student to become a proficient reader. Accelerated Reader (A.R.) is a great reading program that can motivate students to read while holding them accountable.  Students are encouraged to take A.R. tests after each book they finish. Students are rewarded for earning points during the year.

Individual Awards:

  • Students will earn a special SEES sticker when they reach a reading goal 2 times during the year. Each student will have an individualized overall goal based on their Lexile level as determined by the STAR test. Teachers will share goal 1, goal 2, and the final goal with each student. Students also will earn extra recess at the designated dates below.

  • Students earn a gold medal if they meet their final point goal.  Mr. Miringoff will read their names at the Flag Salute.

  • Top 5 point winners for each grade level earn a certificate at the end of the year.

  • Top reader in each grade level gets their name engraved on a reading plaque that will be displayed in the front office.

Grade Level Award: 

  • The class with the most points for each grade level will earn the “A.R. Reading Trophy” for the next month.  Winners will be announced at the Flag Salute.

School Goal: 

  • SEES will host 2 A.R. events if the school meets the following point totals: 25,000 points by December 6th and 60,000 points by May 29th.  Anyone who earned a gold medal will be in the drawing for the final events.   

Extra Recess

  • Anyone who earned goal 1 by November 12th at 10:00. Extra recess is Wednesday, November 13th (5th/4th grade 1:30-1:50) and (2nd/3rd 1:50-2:10). Mr. Miringoff will run reports and notify teachers.

  • Anyone who earned goal 2 by Tuesday, Feb. 25th at 10:00. Extra recess is Wednesday, Feb. 26th (5th/4th grade 1:30-1:50) and (2nd/3rd 1:50-2:10). Mr. Miringoff will run reports and notify teachers.