Optional Supplies Wishlist

Team M & M Supplies List

(extremely helpful, but totally optional!)

We are looking forward to working with your student this year! Please send your student to school each day with a backpack, a healthy snack, a lunch box or lunch money, and a smiling face! We also encourage students to bring a water bottle with their name on it and their own earbuds for the chromebooks (with a microphone preferably).

Thank you so much for all donations and contributions to our classroom!

Basic supplies will be provided on the first day of school! (glue stick, colored pencils, etc.) However, we do go through these supplies quickly with all of the fun creations and projects we do in class :)

Individual Supplies: 

  • Backpack

  • A pencil pouch with zipper or small pencil box to hold supplies

    (this will be kept INSIDE of their desk) 

  • One - 1 inch clear cover binder (1.5 inch will work)
    *Pack of 5 divider tabs 

*We will turn this into our STAR Binder that will go from school to home each day!

  • Pocket Folder with 3 hole punch to go inside STAR Binder
  • Personal earbuds for the chromebooks (recommended) with mic is extremely helpful :)
  • 1 spiral notebook to be used as a communication journal from home to school.
    * All other folders and notebooks are already labeled and ready to go!
  • Dry erase markers
  • Whiteboard eraser- a small clean sock will do fine 

Classroom Supplies Wish List:                     
Classroom Amazon Wish List

  • Small toys or fun supplies are always great for our Treasure Box! :)