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3rd Grade Common Core Math

Unit 3 Multiplication

The Standards

  • I can interpret products in multiplication
  • I can identify parts of a multiplication sentence (factors and products)
  • I can determine when to multiply in word problems.
  • I can explain the relationship between addition and multiplication.
  • I can determine the unknown number in multiplication problems such as in the following example: 8 x 9 = _.
  • I can solve multiplication word problems involving equal groups and arrays using drawings and equations.
  • I can explain the commutative, associative, and distributive properties of multiplication.
  • I can apply the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to decompose, regroup, and/or reorder factors to make it easier to multiply two or more factors.

Video Lessons

LearnZillion Codes for Multiplication Unit

Access helpful Video Lessons that correlate with our 3rd Grade Common Core Unit. Go to www.learnzillion.com and enter the Quick Code in the box at the top of the page to access the video you desire.
Multiply one digit whole numbers by multiples of 10 | 3.NBT.3

LZ2488 with base ten blocks

LZ2652 using number lines

LZ2760 using arrays

LZ2761 breaking apart the multiple of ten into 2 factors

Interpret products of whole numbers using pictures, arrays, and number lines | 3.OA.1

LZ3070 pictures

LZ2993 repeated addition

LZ3083 arrays

LZ3416 number line

Interpret products of whole numbers and model multiplication using arrays, pictures, and equations | 3.OA.1

LZ2852 equal groups using multiplication

LZ2853 equal groups using arrays

LZ2854 using arrays

LZ3009 Model multiplication situations by writing an equation

Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide | 3.OA.5

LZ963 Commutative Property/arrays

LZ964 Commutative Property/word problems

LZ965 Mult/p Relationship

LZ1389 Use the commutative and associative properties to solve 3 factor word problems

LZ966 Distributive Property

Use Your Strategies: Multiply and divide within 100 | 3.OA.7

LZ3372 Doubles Pattern

LZ3309 Half of Ten Strategy

LZ3525 Multiply by subtracting from groups of ten

LZ3532 Combine known facts

Solve multiplication and division word problems | 3.OA.3

LZ2999 Solve by using equal groups

LZ3001 Solve by drawing a model

LZ3050 Solve measurement problems (pieces of string) by drawing a model

LZ3051 Solve equal groups with arrays

LZ3116 Solve comparison problems with bar models

Fun Technology Links

Meteor Multiplication

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