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Hour of Code 
December 9th - December 13th, 2019

From December 9th through December 13th, all students at San Elijo are joining students globally to celebrate Computer Science by coding at least one hour!

Hour of CodeTM SEES Resources Link


  • Track the minutes you code each day on this Hour of Code Tracking Sheet (provided by your teacher)

  • Make sure to include the amount of minutes, what Coding Platform you used (see below), and a parent or teacher initials to verify.  

  • Carry the sheet with you in a safe place to track what you do in school and at home.

  • Each morning your teacher will tally your coding minutes with your class to find a class total for our school’s challenge.

  • Once you reach 60 minutes (1 hour) you get an Hour of Code badge and your name in our school raffle to be announced at Flag Salute! You can earn multiple raffle tickets by coding for multiple hours (as long as your school work is completed.)

Coding Platforms

  • Scratch
  • Bitsbox
  • CoSpaces
  • Made with Code
  • and more!