The Eagle Way - Character Education

The Eagle Way

The Eagle Way is a school-wide character education program designed to improve student behavior and human relations campus-wide. The whole SEES staff is enthusiastic about our school-wide unified effort in character education.

The Eagle Way sets forth the following goals for students and staff:

· To interact more effectively and successfully with others

· To feel connected to the school

· To learn specific behaviors that demonstrate the character traits

· To develop positive feelings for self, school, and one another

The program emphasizes the development of ten specific character traits: courtesy, commitment, respect, appreciation, responsibility, initiative, self-discipline, honesty, cooperation, and success. All teachers and staff emphasize one trait each month. The trait of the month is specifically taught in the classroom and character trait posters are displayed in every classroom and in various places around campus.

To further reinforce the program, there are incentives and rewards for demonstration of good character and behavior. All teachers and staff have a supply of “Eagle Passes” that they can present to students who show exemplary character or behavior which demonstrate The Eagle Way. Students use the cards to earn a charm for their necklace or collect many Eagle Passes to have lunch with the principal. Additionally, students’ Eagle Passes will be entered for the weekly Eagle Pass drawing in hopes of winning some very nice prizes. (We are looking for prizes, by the way, such as gift certificates for fast food, movie tickets, etc. Cash donations would also help us to purchase prizes. If you would like to donate, please drop it by the office any time – thanks in advance!)

Eagle Tickets Rewards

Flag Salute drawing for prizes for each grade level

10 Eagle Passes: Go to the front of the lunch line

25 Eagle Passes: Extra recess

75 Eagle Passes: Lunch with Mr. Miringoff

We believe The Eagle Way not only improves school climate and decreases student misbehavior, but it helps us all improve as people living in community here at San Elijo Elementary School. You may even find it making a big difference at home too.

Living the Eagle Way Rules Assembly