Celeste Hall

Mrs. Celeste Hall

Mrs. Celeste Hall

Welcome to our 3rd grade class!
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Please take a minute to complete the parent/student information form.  Thank you!
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Optional Class Supplies
Individual Supplies -If you have some of these items from last year, those would be great to use again!

Pencil pouch with zipper or small pencil box
Ticonderoga pencils
Glue stick
Ballpoint pen for correcting
3 multi-colored (or patterned) pocket folders (name printed inside)
2 wide ruled spiral notebooks
Personal earbuds
***We have a class set of chromebooks this year, so we will be using computers on a daily basis. I have headphones for students, but you might prefer to have your child use their own.
Crayons or colored pencils (12 or 24 pack)- I suggest Twistables
Set of markers
1 inch clear cover binder-not larger please!
2 small white board markers (no neon please)
Student scissors
2 or more highlighters of different color
Eraser for whiteboard (an old, clean sock will do!)

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