Discipline Program

The staff has developed both school wide and classroom discipline plans to promote positive behavior
and attitudes from all of our students.
The plans include:

  1. Behaviors expected by the school/teacher
  2. A hierarchy of consequences for not following expectations
  3. A positive plan for individual students/classes that are well behaved.

San Elijo Elementary school-wide discipline plan provides a structure to support a safe school environment while helping children learn to be good citizens.

The primary goals of our discipline:

  • Create a safe, and fun environment for learning
  • Help students develop self-control and self-discipline
  • Teach children to think and act appropriately at school
  • Promote respect, responsibility, empathy and trustworthiness

San Elijo Elementary School uses positive and negative consequences to help reinforce school-wide discipline. We provide many opportunities for our students to become involved at our school and earn positive rewards.

We recognize that students make mistakes, so we want them learn from these experiences to improve their behavior.

At San Elijo, we typically utilize four types of consequences:

  • Reminders and redirection-if a student is acting inappropriately, staff will give a verbal reminder or redirection.
  • Take a break- if a child is losing self-control; s/he goes to a designated spot to reflect on their behavior. The staff will follow-up with that student and ask them self-reflection questions when they are ready to go back to the playground.
  • Loss of privilege-if a child does meet school expectations and follow playground rules, they may lose a privilege. Loss of privilege could include removal from playground activities, and/or special events.
  • Referral to administration- Depending on the severity of the behavior the school administration may determine additional behavior consequences are required.


It is the policy of the San Marcos Unified School District, in keeping with efforts to establish and
maintain an environment in which the dignity and worth of all members of our district are respected,
that sexual harassment of students and employees is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated.

Our school rules emphasize students taking responsibility for their own behavior as well as treating
others with respect. We follow the SMUSD policy for bullying. The Eagle Way character education program also teaches the students the traits of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness and empathy. Students unable to adhere to these positive behaviors by
manipulating and/or dominating others through actions or words will be disciplined.

All student personal electronic devices must be turned off during the school day unless specific permission is granted by a teacher or administration. Students may not record, video, or take a picture of another student or staff without prior written consent. All electronic devices may only be used for educational purposes under the direct supervision of a teacher or administration. Electronic devices can be used before and after school to call and text message only. Students may not use their personal devices to call or message during the day, including smart watches. All students who need to call home must use school phones with permission from the teacher or staff during school hours. Consequences for not following the school policy: Items may be retained in the office for pickup at the end of the student’s school day. At teacher or administrator request, a parent/guardian may be required to pick up the student’s electronic device. The school will not be responsible for loss or theft of electronic devices.

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