We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night on Friday August 12th. Stop by anytime between 4:30 to 6:00pm.  

Kindergarteners enter a bold new world when they begin at SEES. They are typically masters of oral language, imaginative, whimsical, and yet capable of "doing work" and sticking to the task at hand. SEES creates an environment where children develop a love of words and begin to see themselves as readers and writers. Our hands-on approach in their development of mathematical concepts is most enjoyable for Kindergarteners. We know that everyday is full of new and exciting learning for our kindergarten students.

SEES Kindergartners:

...are ripe for learning, especially in the form of exploration and discovery. A lot of rote memorization and recitation is not likely to win their interest.

...are more ready than ever to try to meet their teacher's expectations.

...can follow directions, and know better when to speak out and when to be quiet.

...know how to share (although often quietly do their best to get the "larger half").

...feel good about themselves, and may even brag a bit about their accomplishments at the easel, the playground, or the community pool.

...can play imaginatively both with others and alone.

...value friends, and after the early weeks of school, are comfortable on their own in school or on play dates.

...are still very close to family, especially primary caregivers

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