Optional Supplies

Dear 5th grade Students,

Our exciting new year together will begin before we know it! Many of you are probably wondering what supplies you’ll need for 5th grade. Great question! As an Almost-Middle-School-Student, you will be taught many skills necessary for your survival and success at the big school down the hill. One of the most important skills to master will be the management, organization, and responsibility for all materials and assignments.

Suggested School Supply Wish List for 5th Grade
2-inch three-ring binder
Hole-punched folders for binder (4)
Hole-punched spiral notebook
Zipper pouch
Glue sticks
Dry-erase markers
Whiteboard eraser (an old sock works great!)
Pencil sharpener
Colored pencils
Thin markers
Headphones/earbuds for Chromebooks

Shared supplies are always welcomed donations for general classroom use: tissue boxes, Purell disinfectant wipes, copy paper, post-its, Ticonderoga pencils, black and/or colored Sharpie brand markers for art projects, colored pencils, colored markers, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, highlighters, and glue sticks.

5th Grade Teachers