Stacy Thomas-McBride

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Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Thomas (Mrs. McBride in Jan.)

Ms. Thomas at MC Ball

My name is Ms. Thomas & 
I'm the Music teacher at San Elijo Elementary.
I love to sing and dance. I grew up singing with
my family and in school/church. I also took
dance lessons & 
performed competitively
from age 6 (not anymore). Both 
of my
parents still play instruments & sing, which is

why I love it so much. I toured, for singing,
through Europe
& throughout
the USA for several years.

 Music education plays an important
role in learning to read, being proficient
in mathematics, & appreciating
our culture. 
I encourage our students
to hear differences between styles/genres 
by instrument recognition &
instrument families. I also enjoy
spreading my passion for music, whether 
dancing, listening, singing,
or playing an instrument.

 I can't wait to see the
new mix of classes this year & what
talented bands/choirs we can
create! See you on campus.


All my students will start with a passing 'S.'

If the students are excelling they will get an 'E.'

If the student isn't participating they will get an 'N.'  


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