Traffic Plan

During drop off and dismissal Schoolhouse Way is very congested. Over 3000 students attend SEMS and SEES collectively. Our goal is to ensure student safety while moving traffic efficiently on Schoolhouse Way for both schools.

To access our driveway for drop off/pickup, drivers must enter the queue from Elfin Forest Road. Drivers may enter this continuous queue from San Elijo Road by following Schoolhouse Way down to the middle school and going through the middle school parking lot in order to join the queue to come up to SEES. You may only turn left into the parking lot from Schoolhouse Way during the busy a.m. and p.m. hours. No access to the drive up queue is allowed from the left hand turn lane after 8:05am.

To access our parking lot, drivers may use the left hand turn lane on Schoolhouse Way or enter from the drive up queue. Drivers choosing to use the parking lot may only drop off or pick up their children if they are parked in a designated parking space and walk onto campus to meet their children. The must be escorted across the street because drivers can not see small children walking alone through the parking lot and our goal is to keep everyone safe. The crosswalks will be monitored to ensure no children are exiting or entering cars in the parking lot without an adult escort. Double parking is illegal and will not be tolerated. Students should only enter a car in the loading zone or parked in a designated parking space.

Drop Off Lot Guidelines:

-If your child is not able to get out of their car seat independently, you must park your car and walk your child to the gate.

· All students must exit the passenger side of the car within the unloading zone.

· Drop off lane must keep moving

· Drivers may not leave their cars unattended in the drop off 

· Have backpacks ready

· Parking must be in a designated parking space
(Violators will be towed)

· Parents using the parking lot must walk their child across the crosswalk

· Fire Lanes are not designated parking spaces

TK hours: 8:30-12:00 (AM)  12:00-3:30 (PM)
Kinder hours: 8:45-2:45

Afternoon Drive Up

-Kindergarten pick up will be between 2:45-3:00. Parents must park to pick up their students at dismissal.  You are not allowed to leave your vehicle in the drop off lane to pick up your student at the front gate.  

-1st-5th grade pick up will be between 3:10-3:25 (2:10-2:25). Please do not enter the parking lot or start lining up in the drop off lane in front of the school until 3 pm to ensure kindergarten families have enough time to exit campus. If you arrive before 3, you will be asked to queue at the bottom of the drive up lane on Schoolhouse way. Please be mindful that the middle school dismisses at 2:20 and it is important that we do not block their traffic.

- Parents must remain inside their vehicle at all times.

- Staff is well trained and focused on safety. Please respect all directions given.

-To help with traffic, consider turning left out of the school onto Schoolhouse Way when the right hand turn lane is backed up from the red light. Go around the middle school and back to Elfin Forest Road.

FAQ Re: Traffic at San Elijo Elementary School

1. Q: Why can’t I park on the red curb just to drop off/pick up for KOC?

A: The red curbs are fire lanes and must remain clear at all times for the safety of the children. It also impedes drivers that have parked correctly in a space.

2. Q: Why can’t I drive in through the opening to the school at the top of Schoolhouse Way?

A: This is an exit only and a sign clearly states DO NO ENTER. It is extremely dangerous to other cars and children and parents crossing the parking lot.

3. Q: Why can’t I drop off in the yellow area that precedes the Drop off zone?

A: This area is yellow because it is a designated International Handicap zone that is required by the school district. In order to keep the flow of traffic and ensure the safety of all children, the drop off zone is the only safe area to drop off a child.

4. Q: Why do I have to pull all the way forward in the drop off zone?

A: By pulling all the way forward, this allows for the maximum number of cars to enter the drop off zone, and ensures the most efficient flow of traffic.

5. Q: Why can’t I get out to hug my child goodbye in the drop off zone?

A: Exiting the vehicle disrupts the timing and flow of traffic in the drop off lane, and also creates a safety hazard for you and/or your child. We ask that you conduct these activities prior to leaving your home, or park your vehicle and walk your child safely to the front gate.

6. Q: Why can’t I help my child out in the drop off zone when no one else is there to help them?

A: Children may only use the drop off zone if they can exit the car independently. If assistance is needed please park in a designated parking space.

7. Q: Why can’t my child get out on the left side of the car?

A: For safety reasons, all children must exit on the right side of the vehicle. The left side of the drop off lane is adjacent to the bypass lane for cars that do not enter the drop off lane. Additionally, it would require children to navigate between cars to get to the sidewalk if they exited the vehicle on the left side.

8. Q: Why can’t I double park if I’m waiting in the car in the parking lot?

A: It is extremely dangerous to double park, cars driving around the double parked vehicle can not see pedestrians walking through the lot and pedestrians can not see incoming cars.

9. Q: Why can’t I drop my child off in the parking lot at the crosswalk?

A: For the safety of the children, parents must walk their child across the crosswalk.

10. Q: Why can’t I park in a handicap space if no one else is there?

A: It is against the law to park in a handicap space without the proper handicap designation.

11. Q: Why can’t we turn right when leaving the school?

A: In order to best maximize the flow of traffic it has been determined that turning left is the safest and most efficient. If the intersection is staffed, drivers may be directed to turned right. Always follow the directions of staff.

12. Q: Why can't I jaywalk on Schoolhouse Way?

A: Crosswalks have been provided and are staffed by trained crossing guards. It is illegal and unsafe to jaywalk. Please be the proper example to all students by using our crosswalks.

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