Math Support Videos

Using a Protractor to Measure Angles

Drawing Geometric Shapes

Decimals on a Number Line
Watch the first 3/4 of the video for support. We will not yet be placing mixed numbers on a number line as shown at the end of the video.

Creating Line Plots

Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number: Repeated Addition

Multiplying a Fraction by a Whole Number: Modeling

Adding Mixed Numbers and Fractions Using Models

Adding Mixed Number and Fractions Using a Number Line

Converting Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction

Comparing Fractions using a Number Line

Comparing Fractions by Creating a Common Denominator

Fractions on a Number Line

Equivalent Fractions

Partial Quotient Method for division

Solving Multi-Step Word Problems Using Multiple Operations


Solving 2-Digit by 2- Digit Multiplication Problems Using Partial Products


Solving Multiplication Problems Using Partial Products


Area Model for Multiplying 2-Digit by 2-Digit Numbers


Using the Area Model to Multiply


Using an Array to Multiply


Determining if a Number is Prime or Composite


Finding Multiples of a Number


Finding Factor Pairs


Solving Multiplication Comparison Word Problems


Multiplication as a Comparison


Subtracting using the Standard Algorithm


Subtracting with a Number Line


Addition: Why Carrying (Regrouping) Works
This video will help students understand why regrouping works with addition in our base 10 system.


This video will help your student understand the rules of rounding.


Place Value: pide by Powers of 10


Place Value: Multiples by power of 10
This video will aid students with understanding the base 10 system.


Understanding the Relationships Between Digits and Their Place Value
This lesson will help your child understand that place values increase and decrease in multiples of ten throughout the place value chart.


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