Playground Rules and Games Allowed

Playground Rules

San Elijo has created playground rules to ensure our students' safety and to promote good social skills. Our playground is supervised daily by campus supervisors and school administration. We use positive and negative consequences to help reinforce school-wide discipline. We provide many opportunities for our students to become involved at our school and earn positive rewards. We recognize that students make mistakes, so we want them learn from these experiences to improve their behavior.

At San Elijo, we typically utilize four types of consequences:

1. Reminders and redirection - if a student is acting inappropriately, staff will give a verbal reminder or redirection.

2. Take a break - if a child is losing self-control; they are told to go to a designated spot to reflect on their behavior. The staff will follow-up with that student and ask them self-reflection questions when they are ready to go back to the playground.

3. Loss of privilege - if a child does meet school expectations and follow playground rules, they may lose a privilege. Loss of privilege could include removal from playground activities, and/or special events.

4. Referral to administration - Depending on the severity of the behavior the school administration may determine additional behavior consequences are required.

Examples of Playground Games Allowed

Handball Wall (only use soft handballs and no kicking the balls against wall) Students are not allowed to stand against the wall, must stay outside the white line to protect their heads.


Jump rope- ropes are not allowed to be tied to the fence



Hand Baseball game on blacktop

Catch with Nerf or foam footballs Balls. Deflated footballs are not permitted.

Kendamas in designated zone only

Games and items NOT allowed on the playground

Sky balls

Tag- This game does not follow our school rule of "keeping hands and feet to yourself." Tagging often results in student aggression and unwanted behaviors. Students do have an opportunity to play "tag like games" during P.E. and Eagle Play when there is a teacher to supervise the game.

Gymnastics (flips, cartwheels, handstands)

Tennis and baseballs



YU-GI-OH, sports and Pokemon cards

Playground Equipment Rules

Slides- Only go down slides, 1 person at a time.

Play structure- No running or jumping off the play structure

Parallel Bars- limit to 4 students at a time, flipping and hanging is allowed

Hanging Bar- Students are not allowed to hang upside down or flip off the bar.

Playground area- No running allowed, please run on the grass or blacktop